Our Farmers


  • Benditio planted the seed in the very beginning for Minas Espresso. In 1935, he stepped out of a successful career in local politics to plant his first seed on a plot of land. That plot of land would bring us where we are today. He farmed for over 50 years, teaching aspects of the trade to his son in law Jose and grandson Bruno. Without his desire to produce specialty coffee in the Minas Gerais region, our company would have never existed.


Jose Nobre and Bruno Nobre

  • Jose farmed since he was a child, getting his start in the potato farm industry.  In the 80’s he became a milk run driver in Minas, Gerais but finally bought his own farm within the 1990’s.
  • He had been on coffee farmers on and off for most of his life, but ever since purchasing his farm he has been there ever since.
  • At age 16, Bruno Nobre would take over his grandfather’s land. He would take two ox and till the sides of the volcanic soil to rebuild his grandfather’s vision.
  • Bruno would eventually take over the entire family operation, replanting the roots back into the ground. With one goal in mind, bring the coffee industry back to the farmer.
  • His goal is to take his farm land and create aFarming Instituteensuring 4th and 5th generational farmers have the resources to learn and grow within the farming industry for decades to come.


Mauricio Flavio and Flavio Senior


  • Sergio Flavio started his farming journey originally in the form of beans, rice, and corn for his family. Then in 1985, he planted the first seed for his coffee farm in the municipality of the Sao Gortardo region of Minas Gerais. Now almost 40 years later, Sergio is still maintaining and running the Flavio Family Farm.
  • Mauricio Flavio began working the farm at age 5. He would work after he got off of school with his brothers and mothers, tending to the needs of the coffee farm.
  • Mauricio would pursue a degree in agriculture before returning to the farm at 18, at age 19 he would leave for the United States.
  • In 2020, Mauricio would meet Bruno and together they would set out with a vision to bring specialty Brazilian coffee to the United States.




  • Our 4th generational farmer in Brazil, Carlino is leading in a new era of farmers in Minas, Gerais Brazil.
  • With the average age of coffee farmers worldwide being 60 years old, Carlos is setting a new standard of what it means to be a coffee farmer at age 25.
  • He started within the coffee farming industry, back in 2019 after he left the wood industry. His goal is to develop into a coffee roaster and competitive roaster, within the next 4 years.

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