Why You Should Start Buying Locally Made Coffee

October 29, 2018
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We love being able to support our local community in Edwardsville IL. The people have done wonders to give local businesses and staff such as our hard workers at Minas Espresso Inc. the support they need to grow our business and keep it steady and grounded in the years to come.

Buying locally made coffee is one such example of how you can contribute to your own community without having to put in any extra work! Here are a few other reasons why buying coffee in your hometown is worth your time and effort.

Supporting local business benefits

We all know about bigger coffee companies, but the one thing they don’t have is personality. With that personality comes a sense of community and close-knit relationships, rather than having a giant number of friends you barely know—think of it in this way and you have the big difference between massive coffee shop chains versus the smaller ones here and there.

By buying locally made coffee, you are in turn contributing to your own community, whether it’s small and cozy or giant and busy. Your favorite small coffee shop might in fact be contributing in their own way, whether it’s donating to a local charity group or helping sponsor a local festival or event. By buying their coffee, you are also helping good goals to be reached and making your favorite annual events even richer in terms of experience and quality.

Coffee you can’t find anywhere else

There’s something different in terms of taste when it comes to coffee you find any day in the store versus the kind you find that’s locally made. Our customers have informed us that our coffee tastes richer and sweeter than the usual kind, for example. That’s because we get our beans from a place normally inaccessible for just anybody (Brazil) and bring them to be roasted in Edwardsville, which is a more direct and easy to access location. This also means the beans are 100% Arabica, which is more fragrant and less bitter than its cousin Robusta.

Sustainability in both countries

Most of the coffee we drink here in the US doesn’t actually come from here—it comes from other countries. In our case, we harvest and process our coffee beans on the farms we own in Minas Gerais before it’s shipped here to our roaster facility in Edwardsville.

What makes our coffee special and technically sustainable is that we extend our care and consideration for the land and coffee crops directly to the farmers as well. We treat them the way we want to be treated—like our own family members—because harvesting and processing the coffee in Brazil is a huge undertaking and a massive job!

Since we use the natural process for our beans, we are giving to both our home country’s community as well as yours in Edwardsville. You can buy our coffee knowing that you’re supporting several communities as well as honoring the lands and farmers who helped grow the beans.

Easy access

Imagine sampling authentic Brazilian coffee right in the comfort of your home instead of worrying about paying for a plane ticket or accommodations. That’s basically what could happen if you buy local coffee!

Ours is not only roasted and ground in Edwardsville IL, but also it’s available for shipping to virtually anywhere in the United States! So you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money or worry about traveling anywhere. All you have to do to get locally made coffee is to visit our online shop and make your purchase there, or become a member of our Coffee Club where even better deals are made and you can get coffee monthly! That will also save you time from worrying about going to the grocery store to replenish your whole bean or ground coffee supply.

You get what you pay for—maybe even more!

Pricing is usually what drives people away from purchasing gourmet roasted coffee from a smaller business. You have to bear in mind however that the price is basically what you get from such a cost. Rather than paying for a cheaply priced, cheaply processed cup of coffee of low quality, you are instead paying for high-quality, naturally processed, and locally roasted coffee. Which one of these sounds like it would be the best tasting of the two? We know which one we’d pick for sure.

Hopefully next time you’ll give locally made coffee a chance! What’s your favorite kind? We’d love to know in the comments!

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