Why We Chose Edwardsville IL as Our Coffee Roaster Location

May 15, 2018
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You may be wondering, “You serve Brazilian coffee but are located in Edwardsville. Why is that?” The truth is despite our origins in Minas Gerais, the state in Brazil where the majority of coffee in the world is farmed and grown, there are a few good reasons why we chose to open our coffee roaster in Edwardsville IL. Come and find out why!

1. Smaller Community

You can get a pretty good cup of coffee in the nearby towns and even in Chicago and St. Louis in MO. However, what you won’t get is the feeling of a smaller, tightly knit community that is present in Edwardsville. We love getting in touch personally with our customers and sharing each other’s stories over a cup of coffee. This is why we chose a smaller area such as Edwardsville instead, because the bigger the location becomes, the more people there are and the less easy it can get to get to really know everyone so well.

2. The Countryside

It’s no surprise that our heritage originates from Brazil, where fresh coffee beans are farmed and harvested directly from the source. We’ve always loved and respected the countryside, whether it’s from our childhood or when we needed to take a break and destress from life in the city. Edwardsville is surrounded by farmlands and countryside, whereas Chicago and St. Louis are both cities. So, in that regard, Edwardsville was our top choice.

3. To Serve Brazilian Coffee

We know there are a ton of coffee shops, but not many we’ve looked at serve authentic Brazilian coffee, which is very aromatic both when processed and ground up. Our coffee roaster brings these beans directly from Minas Gerais—the starting point of our company—to the US to be processed, meaning there’s no extra steps added to having a taste of Brazilian coffee.

4. Sustainability

It’s no joke that the world is changing and with that in mind, we need to rethink the way we are treating our lands. This way of thinking is how we usually deal with our farmers and the farms where we harvest the Arabica beans in Brazil. Likewise, we want to do the same for our community here in Edwardsville. By having our coffee roaster here in the US, we’re guaranteeing that you’re getting the best coffee beans directly from the source, while also being aware of the way we treat the land.

5. Peacefulness

Like we said, a smaller community is good because you can get to know people better. The other benefit is that things are quieter when the town is small compared to the noise and business you can expect when you visit a city. In a place like Edwardsville, there is less traffic and less business to worry about, leaving you with a peaceful morning…the kind where you can really savor your first cup of coffee of the day!

6. Space

We know we keep focusing on this, but it’s true! The bigger a city is, the more crowded it is and the less space there is to add something as unique and massive as a coffee roasting facility. There is plenty of space for something like a café, but less so for a real roaster.

So there you have it! What do you love about Edwardsville IL so much? Let us know!

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