What Makes Brazilian Coffee So Desirable?

August 19, 2018
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For the last 150 years and counting, Brazil has been the world’s largest producer of coffee. What is it that makes Brazilian coffee so desirable?

One Answer is Very Obvious (At Least to Us)

Brazil is the home country to our coffee roaster’s owners, our families, our farmers, and our farmers’ families. We care very much about their well-being! When it comes to sowing and harvesting the Arabica beans we ship here to Edwardsville, each harvest is shipped and roasted with as much care and consideration.

Basically, we love Brazilian coffee so much that we wanted to share it with our customers abroad as well! There are some more excellent reasons as to why we think Brazilian coffee is the best.

Did You Know:

“The plant that started Brazil’s coffee empire was hidden in a bouquet of flowers that was a parting gift from the Guiana governor’s wife after her illicit liaison with a Brazilian lieutenant on a mission to resolve a border dispute… and acquire coffee!” - Espresso & Coffee Guide

Today, over 10,000 square miles of coffee plantations cover the country of Brazil. The majority of them are located where the environment is ideal for conditions of coffee production with its deep, richly red soil in the southeastern states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, and Paraná.

The Flavor of Brazil

When it comes to taste, the best Brazilian coffee presents a pleasant bittersweet chocolate and caramel taste, with a full-bodied softness and nuttiness and low acidity. This profile makes it the perfect base for flavored coffees and espresso blends. There are many other flavors that Brazilian coffee has to offer depending on the level of roast. You can find out for yourself by checking out our shop.

Picking the Coffee Cherries

There are two different methods of harvesting the coffee cherries. Picking only ripe coffee fruit by hand is done by selective harvesting, which is a form of harvesting that we do on our farms as well (see a picture below of one of our farmers in action!).

The strip harvesting method results in varying maturation levels of the coffee fruit as it is all mechanically “stripped” from the coffee tree at once (see picture below).

Ensuring Sweetness

The process involves drying the coffee from inside the fruit first. This is to ensure that as much of the sweetness of its fruit will carry over into your first sip from the cup. Instead of picking the fruit right away, some farms allow the fruit to dry on the trees first, coining the dry process as “natural.”

Directly Marketed from Farms to You

Luckily for Brazil (and for both our farm in Brazil and roasting facility in Edwardsville), the Brazilian government deregulated the entire coffee industry. This means we can now market directly to other countries that are widely consuming Brazilian coffee without any grading structures, which had previously been put in place by the government.

From its rich history to the harvesting techniques, Brazil works hard to ensure a quality product for themselves and their consumers abroad. The coffee we bring from our family to your own will have you saying, “Eu quero outro cafezinho!” (“I want another coffee!”)

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