Coffee Culture: How the World Takes Their Coffee | Minas Espresso Inc.

Coffee Culture: How the World Takes Their Coffee

Learn about 20 countries in their unique ways of preparing and/or drinking coffee. One or more of these may inspire you to try something new. Brazil Brazil is 10 th in terms of consumption per capita because now and for the last 150 years has been the world’s largest producer of coffee. It is the national beverage. Cafezinho, or coffee, is a synonym f ...

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Why We Chose Edwardsville IL as our Coffee Roaster Location | Minas Espresso Inc.

Why We Chose Edwardsville IL as Our Coffee Roaster Location

You may be wondering, “You serve Brazilian coffee but are located in Edwardsville. Why is that?” The truth is despite our origins in Minas Gerais, the state in Brazil where the majority of coffee in the world is farmed and grown, there are a few good reasons why we chose to open our coffee roaster in Edwardsville IL. Come and find out why! 1. Smalle ...

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Espresso recipes that you like

Espresso Creations that you Cannot Afford to Miss   Coffee and espresso are not just for conventional drinks that may well burn your tongue; you can add a whole lot of ingredients to make brownies and other delicious treats if you know how. Espresso recipes go far beyond just making mochas, cappuccinos, frappes, lattes, espresso coffees, and oth ...

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Coffee from around the world

12 Different Coffees From Around the World Most of us cannot even imagine a day without coffee in the morning. We have to get that caffeine boost to help us recharge for the day. It’s pretty much the same all around the world. This morning practice is the same in essence but differs in aesthetics. The ingredients used in coffee and the way it is pre ...

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Caffeine & Health

5 Great Benefits Drinking Coffee can Have on Your Health Coffee and its main constituent, caffeine, are great for bodily health if it’s consumed in moderation and supplemented with regular exercise. Here are some ways that coffee and caffeine can impact the body in a positive way. 1.    Coffee has some Essential Nutrients Many nutrients are tran ...

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