Our Mission

Our mission is to provide delicious, locally grown coffee by fostering a relationship with the soil, water, and the people who drink our brew. Minas Espresso was created with the purpose of reinventing coffee farming to make it more agriculturally sustainable and to yield a higher quality product. By working with local farmers and suppliers, we are able to source the freshest, highest quality ingredients which go into creating a better cup of coffee for you. We challenge ourselves and our land to produce coffee that goes beyond the boundaries of the norm. Our goal is to answer one question: How can one take something from the earth without harming it? Simple. We borrow it, and then give it back. Our duty is not only to produce the best coffee in the world, but to produce better coffee for a better world.

Our Values

– Producing sustainable coffee for a better world
– Better farmers, better coffee
– Not just coffee…an extraordinary experience


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