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Like the way the barista makes a pretty design with your steamed milk in your latte? Learn to do it at home without having to own an espresso machine.

Step 1. Making the Coffee

Espresso or a stronger coffee is recommended, so that the milk cuts into it. If you don’t have an espresso maker, here’s how you can make stronger coffee with your drip coffee maker: all you need to do is increase the amount of ground coffee in the filter and keep the same amount of water. That’s it!

For the perfect latte you’ll need 2-3 oz. of coffee.

Step 2. Frothing/Steaming the Milk

Experts say for best presentation results to use 3 ounces of whole milk per ounce of coffee. To ensure you get the right temperature, a food thermometer is a handy tool to have. The milk should be steamed to about 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can use one of the steaming methods shown in our piece: 6 Ways to Make Frothy Milk for your Coffee.

Step 3. Pouring the Milk

For the best control, use a stainless steel pitcher to pour your milk. Just like the baristas do, if you see bubbles, gently tap your pitcher on the counter a couple times and they should dissipate. Be sure to swirl the milk well before pouring.

Step 4. Making the Heart

  1. Start off by tilting your cup at an angle towards you and start pouring your milk. Go slow, from a high distance. You want 80 percent of the milk to “dive” beneath the coffee.
  2. When your cup is half full, lower the pitcher to the cup’s edge nearest you and pour faster, shaking it quickly from left to right, making a round shape.
  3. Continue to pour at a steady pace until almost full, then raise the pitcher up in a straight line across the cup, away from you, forming the heart.

With practice you can master this design and hopefully start to learn how to create others. Whether you look it up online or come up with your own, have fun with this coffee craft!

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