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We bet you didn’t know this: each year since 1950, the National Coffee Association, or NCA, provides a record of U.S. coffee consumer behavior which gathers data in the process. 

This year the NCA has changed the name of the report from “National Coffee Drinking Trends,” to “National Coffee Data Trends,” keeping the NCDT acronym.

2,815 people represented the national sample for the 2019 NCDT surveys, and reported other than water drinking a beverage within the past day.

Learn what else this past year’s report found; it might surprise you.

Coffee Facts from the NCDT

According to the NCDT, 63% of American adults (18+) drink coffee daily.

“Coffee is America’s most beloved beverage – and for good reason. New consumer values have changed the game for coffee. But the industry is adapting – and thriving – by embracing innovation and transparency,” says William Murray, NCA President & CEO.

As we know, coffee has many health benefits. “Coffee and health is an opportunity for the coffee industry to connect with consumers,” says Murray. “The message is clear – coffee is good for you. But it’s up to the industry to share that story.”

Gourmet coffee has reached a 60/40 advantage (new high of 61%) over traditional non-gourmet coffee among past-day drinkers, for the first time in 69-year report’s history. There are similar increases shown across espresso-based drinks, traditional coffee – gourmet, and gourmet coffee drinks on a past-week basis.

What’s most interesting is that there is a shift in the quality and consideration of each cup that is consumed rather than a change in the quantity of coffee that people are consuming.

Future and Evolving Trends for This Year & Beyond

Drive-Thru, Apps, and Delivery:

In comparison to 44% last year, 46% of Americans reported using a drive-thru, purchasing coffee outside the home within the past day (including fast food restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, donut shops, or gas stations). Of those who bought their coffee at a retail location not using a drive-thru, there was an increase in app purchases. 17% reported making their coffee purchase through an app, 27% for past-week use of app ordering.

Frozen Blended Coffee Drinks, Nitro Coffee & Cold Brew:

Past-day consumption of these beverages jumped from 7% in 2018 to 11% this year, with past-week consumption for frozen blended coffee 13%, cold brew 12%, and nitro-infused coffee 5%. The highest consumption for non-espresso-based coffees were found among younger people in the Western U.S.

Cold Brew and Ready-to-Drink Awareness & Consumption:

With the emergence of cold brew coffees, 80% of adults (18+) said they were aware of the product, but only 12% of coffee drinkers reported drinking cold brew within the past week. 89% of adults said they were aware of RTD coffees with 31% of drinkers consuming “regularly or occasionally.” The adults found that drink cold brew and RTD were younger, under 40.

The coffee industry is continuously growing, with new products on the market making headway. Do these stats put your coffee drinking in perspective? Perhaps this has made you more aware of something you didn’t know? Maybe you might want to give some new coffee a try at either our shop or on Amazon.

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