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If you love the taste of freshly brewed coffee at home, then you know you need the right tools to grind the beans and brew them too. It’s important you don’t neglect the most important tools however! Today we go over the importance of cleaning your coffee maker and grinder specifically, as well as how to clean them.

The Importance of Cleaning

Cleaning your coffee maker and grinder once a month helps to maintain your machines so they continue to work properly and for a longer period of time. Cleaning will also help get rid of any buildup such as coffee oils, residue, lime scale, etc.

Not only does cleaning your machines help with removing buildup, it can also help the taste of your ground coffee. If you’ve noticed your coffee tastes a little bit “off,” then it may be time to clean your tools. The best fresh tasting coffee starts with a clean machine!

Cleaning Your Grinder

For Blade Grinders:

Add roughly ¼ cup of dry, uncooked rice to the grinder. Grind until the rice becomes a fine powder. Dispose of the rice. Unplug the grinder and wipe the outside with a damp towel.

You should do this anytime your coffee grinder needs to be cleaned or starts to smell. With coffee, the oils can cling to the blades and after time develop a noticeable scent.

For Conical Burr Grinders:

Cleaning this type of grinder will vary by model, but all of these have the same concept.

Start with disassembling the grinder. Remove the hopper and wash it and the lid by hand. Run the grinder for a few seconds with the hopper off, to remove any remaining coffee from the burrs.

Unplug the grinder. Any parts that are rubber or plastic, including the bin that catches the coffee, remove those and wash by hand.

Remove the inner burr. Using a stiff brush, knock loose any coffee grounds stuck in the inner and outer burrs. Do NOT wash the burrs with water! Use a dry cloth to wipe the burrs and absorb any oils left behind by the coffee beans.

Be sure all parts are full dry before reassembling the grinder.

Cleaning Your Coffee Maker

Make sure the basket and pot are clean (nothing in them). Fill the reservoir with ½ hot water and ½ white vinegar. This helps to loosen and remove any lime scale and other buildup inside the machine. Once the cycle is finished, pour the water/vinegar back into the reservoir and run another cycle.

Once the second cycle is finished, empty the pot and immediately wash, along with the basket, in hot (not too hot) soapy water. (If your pot is glass, you do not want to break it by going from cold to hot, hot to cold.) To help completely remove coffee residue from the crevices of the basket, you may want to use an old toothbrush.

Once fully dry, fill the reservoir, with clean, cold water and run a cycle through, repeating at least twice with fresh water, to ensure all the vinegar is cleared out of the coffee maker.

To remove water spots from the exterior of your machine, using a lint-free cloth dip into a 50-50 water and white vinegar solution. Buff dry with a lint-free cloth.

Now that your tools are all clean, you can get the most out of your next cup of coffee! Aproveite seu café (enjoy your coffee!).

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