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If you are going on a first date, here are five good reasons to have it at a coffee shop.

1. Safety First

This reason is mostly for people meeting in person for the first time; maybe you met online first and want to see the real deal without hiding behind a screen.

A coffee shop is best because it is a public place, which can make it a safe place. We’re not saying this to alarm you—we just want you to be safe and secure. If you are uneasy about the person you’re meeting, you can always ask someone who works at the coffee shop to keep an eye out and intervene if it looks a bit sketchy.

2. Coffee and Conversation

First dates tend to be a bit awkward. If you decide to go see a movie, you don’t really get a chance to talk to the person and get to know them, and dinner can be a bit too formal for some as a first date choice.

With a coffee shop, you can just consider it as a coffee meetup rather than a date, and in the off chance it doesn’t go well, the pressure is taken off both of you. You can enjoy a good cup of coffee and hopefully some good conversation as well.

3. Coffee can be Romantic Too, You Know…

Depending on what kind of coffee shop you choose, it can be quite a romantic setting. Maybe there’s some art work on the walls, and some comfy chairs in the back you can settle into. The music playing in the background isn’t too jazzy and isn’t the current top 20. If you are both coffee people, this can be the perfect romantic setting for a first date.

4. Freedom

Drawing on the other 3 reasons, a coffee date can give you the freedom to relax. Take the pressure off of having a first date, just have some conversation, a hot drink, and freedom to move around. If you chose the right coffee shop and time of day (for example, you’re not in the morning rush for your coffee), you won’t be in a stuffy, overcrowded place, and can feel more comfortable getting to know the person you’re there with.

5. The Date Didn’t Work Out? No Big Deal

The good thing about having a coffee meetup is that there’s no pressure if the date goes sour. You can both easily part ways and carry on with your day or evening. The point of going on a date with coffee is to have a casual meeting in a comforting setting so that you can hopefully meet the person of your dreams…or maybe not. Either way, you’re enjoying a good cup of coffee in the meantime.

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