Joice Cypriano

Amazing coffee! I love how it’s rich but not bitter. Smells so good! My favorite is the Benedito Espresso which makes me love it even more after learning the story behind the name. Wonderful people putting a lot of love in this coffee.

Craig Cottingham

My wife & I love Minas Espresso! Both of the roasts have a unique flavor that is amazing! We recommend giving Minas Espresso a try! You will be glad you did!

Mark McRae

Great coffee and great people! Both roasts were awesome!

Alexandra Hasch

I recently received my Minas Espresso coffee beans and I just love the bold flavor of the coffee! Looking forward to try the other beans for comparison! Thank you Bruno and family!

Allison Cheney

This coffee is incredible. I highly recommend. We ran out in a week! I was so impressed.

Dan Stamborski

Loved the Benedito Espresso!! Highly recommended!

Scott Ragain

I was blessed with an opportunity to taste Minas Espresso and receive a ‘Coffee University’ tutoring session from the master himself, Bruno Nobre. Uh…WOW!!! This is some top-tier coffee. And, Bruno has a philanthropic heart as well. What a win!!!!