Traditional Gourmet Coffee Rub


Fire up the grill. Minas Espresso’s Traditional Coffee Rub is a versatile and delicious gluten-free coffee rub perfect for meats and poultry. Our rub is made with Minas Espresso coffee, garlic, paprika and brown sugar for added depth and mouthwatering flavor.

Our coffee is sourced from our family farms in Minas Gerais Brazil. The flavors from the coffee enhance the seasoning creating complex and and rich flavors like non other. For the best flavor, generously coat steaks or any cut of meat or poultry an hour or longer before cooking.

Our Traditional Coffee Rub is best used on beef dishes like steak, roast beef, brisket, and kebabs, though it can also be used for other meats, such as chicken thighs, pork chops, bacon, fish, popcorn seasoning, salad dressing, grilled vegetables, potatoes, and nachos.

Developed and Approved by the SCA (Steak Cooking Association) members. Take home the best rub developed by culinary pros and who really understand BBQ. This is an essential spice blend to add to your pantry.