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January 20, 2018
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12 Different Coffees From Around the World

Most of us cannot even imagine a day without coffee in the morning. We have to get that caffeine boost to help us recharge for the day. It’s pretty much the same all around the world. This morning practice is the same in essence but differs in aesthetics. The ingredients used in coffee and the way it is prepared is different according to different cultures that prevail throughout the world.

A cappuccino or latte from Starbucks is not the only way to wake up. Here are some brews selected carefully from across the world.

1.    Türk Kahvesi from Turkey

This type of coffee from Turkey uses finely ground coffee beans and simmers them in a special pot called a cezve. This cezve is made of copper or brass. The coffee is drunk unfiltered and the coffee grounds are still present at the bottom of the cup. You must drink it from the “ground up.”

2.    Qahwa from Saudi Arabia

Arab countries prefer their coffee to be spicy so they add cardamom, ginger, cloves, saffron, cinnamon, or other spices to their coffee. These spices in qahwa are also potent for remedies and prevention of a number of diseases. For instance, cardamom lowers blood pressure and acts as an anti-inflammatory. For something sweet to counter the bitterness, dried dates are consumed as an accompaniment.

3.    Spanish Bombon

This is a sweet and sugary coffee that has condensed milk and black coffee stirred in equal quantities. The black coffee forms a layer over the milk to give it a great look.

4.    The Mazagran from Portugal

Ever thought of mixing lemon juice with espresso. The Portuguese surely did and came up with their own take on iced coffee. The Mazagran is a refreshing iced coffee drink that has its roots in Algeria but the lemon zest was the Portuguese addition that gives that extra spark to the coffee.

5.    Finnish Kaffeost

This is when hot coffee meets cheese curd chunks called juustoleipä. Finland is to thank for this beverage and while it may not be that appetizing to you, the Finnish people love it.

6.    Irish Coffee

This unique coffee-cocktail blend is made from hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar. It has thick cream to top it off.

7.    Greek Frappé

Believe it or not, this was invented by a Nescafe rep in 1957. The frappe clearly needs no introduction and is simply iced coffee drenched in deliciously foaming milk.

8.    Austrian Wiener Mélange

This espresso beverage is topped with steamed milk and milk foam like a cappuccino is. Cocoa powder and whipped cream are welcomed additional toppings for the Wiener Mélange.

9.    French Café Au Lait

This French espresso creation consists of steamed milk and a fresh brew. A bigger cup makes it easy to dip your croissant into it.

10.     German Pharisäer

This is another coffee-cocktail that uses coffee, sugar, rum, and contains whipped cream topping as well as some chocolate shavings.

11.     Italian Espresso Romano

From the land that invented the espresso comes a true espresso that comes with a slice of lemon that accentuates the flavor of the coffee.

12.     Australian Flat White

This is the Australian version of the Latte and is popular there. Velvety steamed milk is poured onto an espresso shot to create this masterpiece.

Do they have a different type of coffee where you’re from? Let us know.

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