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Pregnancy and Coffee: Here are the Facts

If you are pregnant and you can’t live without your coffee in the morning, don’t feel like you can’t have coffee at all! Learn the facts about pregnancy and coffee. That Darn Caffeine! Caffeine can directly affect the fetus because the caffeine consumed by Mom will cross through the placenta. That means overdoing the coffee drinking can result in low ...

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Can Kids Drink Coffee?

You grab that much needed iced coffee through the drive-thru, and you have a child in the back seat who is begging you to have a sip. Should you let them, though? Is it really a bad idea to let kids drink coffee? To best answer the question, we should look at what goes into coffee and come to the conclusion together. The Real Question: How Much Caff ...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

You may have been lectured as to how “bad” coffee is for you. The truth is it’s the excessive added sugars, syrups, and caffeine you consume that is bad for you rather than the coffee itself. The Bogus Science Myth Those who believe that coffee causes cancer must think that we all drink 2,000 cups a day, because that is the amount one would have to d ...

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Caffeine & Health

5 Great Benefits Drinking Coffee can Have on Your Health Coffee and its main constituent, caffeine, are great for bodily health if it’s consumed in moderation and supplemented with regular exercise. Here are some ways that coffee and caffeine can impact the body in a positive way. 1.    Coffee has some Essential Nutrients Many nutrients are tran ...

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