Who we are

Minas Espresso Inc

Producing sustainable coffee for a better world
Better farmers, better coffee
Not just coffee…an extraordinary experience

  • Our Values

    Our Values

    We treat our farmers, the environment, and our fellow coffee fans the way we want to be treated: with respect and love. While growing and nurturing a culture of togetherness, we’re socially conscious of the farmers’ hard work, as well as the preservation of our lands. Positive and loving relationships between us, our farmers, and our customers are an integral part of our coffee company.
  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    To us, the best coffee doesn’t just come from the store; it comes from the heart and the relationships between us, our farmers, and our customers. We proudly dedicate our company to long-term fair trade, showing our commitment to provide sustainable coffee beans roasted by our family for your family.
  • Local Businesses

    Local Businesses

    We love supporting our local coffee businesses! By partnering with them and our Brazilian coffee farmers and suppliers, we are able to provide to you the freshest and highest quality beans.
  • From Brazil to You

    From Brazil to You

    Farming is the heart behind why we do what we do at Minas Espresso. We challenge ourselves to produce and provide you with coffee beans that exceed your expectations of how that first cup of coffee in the morning should taste.


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