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If you are a coffee connoisseur, these are 8 must-have accessories to brew and create exceptional coffee at home. There are many gadgets and fancy machines that you can buy at the store, but we are talking about the basics here. Not everyone can afford the fancy stuff, and coffee doesn’t have to be made in something fancy to taste fantastic! Sometimes the simplest ways and tools make for the best cup of coffee. So, here are the tools you will need.

1. Coffee Maker

This should be a standard in every coffee lover’s home. Depending on your budget, you may not want to or be able to splurge on a fancy espresso machine. Find what works for you. Do your research and make sure that you can return it to the store if it doesn’t suit your needs. A simple 10-12 cup drip coffee maker is all one really needs.

2. Coffee Grinder

The best sort of coffee is freshly ground. Finding a grinder that won’t break your budget and won’t break the first time you use it can take some time. This is another item that may take some research.

3. Coffee Spoon

Don’t just use any old measuring spoons. Get yourself a good coffee spoon, designated just for your coffee. You can find ones in any design or color; it will all depend on how much you are willing to spend.

4. Food Thermometer

This one is multipurpose. Not only is it handy for food prep, such as when you’re cooking chicken, but also it can help when making certain coffee recipes as well as getting the perfect temperature for your frothy milk to make homemade lattes.

5. Coffee Press

When you can invest in one, it is well worth it. Not only can you make great coffee, including strong espresso, you can also steam and froth your milk using the French Press. Plus, there are many other things you can use it for such as making whipped cream.

6. Filters

We don’t mean to be too obvious with this one, but you really do need good filters to make good coffee. Some filters are too thin and leak grounds, some are too thick and don’t make as strong a brew. There are re-usable filters that will fit most standard drip coffee makers. You can either use it as a standalone or as an extra buffer in case your paper filter folds over, to avoid grounds in your pot. For a true Brazilian style coffee you can try the cafezinho, which is the name of the filter (you can read more about this filter in our last blog post).

7. Airtight Container or Jars

This is your coffee storage. Whether it is already ground or still in bean form, keeping your beans as fresh as possible requires airtightness. Once your coffee bag is opened, transfer the remaining grounds (providing you made some upon opening) into your airtight container or jar. Store it in a cool, dry place.

8. Good Coffee Mugs

You need something that is going to keep your coffee warm for more than a few minutes, and preferably something that will be able to be microwaveable (for those that heat up cold coffee) and possibly dishwasher safe (for those who own a dishwasher). Plus, if you get a mug you really like, you’ll be more inclined to use it rather than have it become a cupboard ornament.

Don’t forget the travel mug for on the go. You can find ones that will last up to about 5 or so hours warm and 8 hours cold. Ideally these will be double walled and more than likely stainless steel, at least on the inside. If you get one that is a plain color, you can always decorate it to make it yours.

Now that you have your tools, it’s time to go make that delicious cup of coffee! Enjoy!

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