7 Different Uses for Coffee (It’s Not Just for Drinking!)

May 29, 2018
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Did you know that there are more ways to enjoy coffee than just one? It’s true! There are in fact multiple ways to use coffee than to just drink it (although there’s nothing wrong with that at all!). Check out these seven different uses; some of them are weird, and most of them are pretty cool!

1. Cooking or Baking

Minas Espresso-7 uses for coffee-cooking and baking

There’s nothing quite like the taste of coffee in a homemade cookie, cake, a chilly dessert, or even a savory meal. Try adding coffee grinds to your marinade or rub if you want to barbecue a steak, or give your chili some extra flavor by adding coffee. You can also try adding espresso to your chocolate cake. Yum!

2. Gift Giving

Everyone loves getting free stuff, including coffee! Slip a bag of coffee beans into a gift basket with a mug and thermos; this would make a great gift for your boss or employees at work or simply for the coffee lover in your life. Pair some coffee accessories such as a mug and flavored syrups with a brand new book for a simple but special birthday gift. Or brew a cup for your spouse and include it in a romantic bed and breakfast you put together for them, just because.

3. Pampering

Did you know there are such things as a coffee scrub? Not only can a coffee scrub combined with other natural ingredients exfoliate skin and make you feel soft and beautiful, but also it provides a delicious smell afterwards leaving you feeling pampered and special.

4. Reusing

Don’t you hate it when you get distracted in the morning and come back to your coffee only to discover it’s gone cold? Don’t throw that cup of coffee away though! Try reusing it in an iced coffee if the afternoon gets hot, or add it to your evening cup of hot chocolate when it’s cold, or even turn the coffee into ice cubes if you have a tray. This will turn your average glass of water into a flavorful one.

5. Composting

Yes, it turns out those old coffee grounds you’re throwing away can go into the garden! Let the coffee grounds turn in to compost over time and then use it as a fertilizer for your flowers, plants, and vegetables. Used coffee grounds can also be applied to keep certain pests out of your garden such as slugs.

6. Crafting

Some people hate the taste of coffee but love the smell. There is such a thing as coffee incense sticks as well! We know there are also perfumes, lip glosses, and lip balms that come in mocha or coffee flavors too. With this in mind, why not use the grounds or old coffee beans in your arts and crafts if you’re into that? There are lots of recipes online for coffee scented candles, coffee bean coasters, paintings using coffee grounds, and more.

7. Sharing

No matter where you go, whether you live in the US or in Brazil, people love to get together over a cup of coffee and share stories. Having coffee is both a social experience and a comforting one. Indulge in a cup by yourself for some me time, or share it with your loved ones—no matter what the occasion.

However you decide to use your coffee, above all else, enjoy it!

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