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Do you take cream in your coffee? Do you want your milk frothy, but you don’t own an espresso machine? This article is for you! Learn how with six different ways to froth your milk at home.

(Note: it is best to use 2% or non-fat milk for these tips as they are the easiest to foam.)

A Jar and the Good Ol’ Microwave

Take a jar and shake the milk to create the foam, then microwave for a few seconds to stabilize the foam. Or you can heat the milk first, then shake in the jar. You’ll get both warm milk and that frothy foam to add to your favorite cup of coffee.

Hand Whisking

After warming your milk, vigorously whisk it by hand using a back-and-forth motion to create the best foam.

Electric Mixer

Once you’ve heated your milk, simply beat with an electric mixer until it’s reached your desired frothiness.


Be careful with this one. We don’t want to be breaking any appliances or having milk spewing everywhere! Blend your warmed milk until frothy. Keep the lid on and make sure it isn’t too hot to use!

Immersion or Hand Blender

Warm your milk in a deep pot first. Then, using your hand blender and making sure the blades are fully immersed, blend on low until frothy. Be careful of any mess it may cause!

French Press

Yes, you can use your French Press to froth your milk! After warming your milk on the stove, pour it into the French Press (be careful not to overfill). While holding the lid down with one hand, use the other to vigorously pump up and down. Let the milk rest a minute before pouring.

See, it’s easy to get frothy milk without spending too much money on a new espresso machine (although there’s nothing wrong with using that, either!). Let us know how these tips go if you use them. Above all else, aproveite seu café! (Enjoy your coffee!)

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