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A new year usually means a list of resolutions that no one really sticks to. If you are a coffee lover and want some achievable coffee-related goals, here’s a small list you may be able to at least try one or two of before 2019 is out.

1. Try New Coffees

If you are usually a plain coffee drinker, perhaps 2019 will bring about some new flavors for you? There are many types of coffees to choose from, whether it be a latte or even something from another country. Check out some of our recipes to try some at home.  

2. Cut Back the Caffeine

If you are a coffee drinker, perhaps you drink all day every day, or rather more than you should. Instead of suggesting you go decaffeinated if you really don’t prefer it (although we hear ours tastes as good as medium roast, without so much of the caffeine!), decide to cut back a bit. If you have a cup in the later afternoon, maybe either change the time to earlier or eliminate that cup in the day.

The suggestion from health professionals is only a few cups a day, but there are a lot of us who exceed that amount. If you find it difficult to cut back, work on being conscious about how much you’re drinking per day and see if that helps you to dial it back a bit. We all want to be happy and healthy, but some of us still need that cup of coffee to function.

3. More Coffee at Home

There are many that enjoy their daily cup on the go. Instead of having the resolution of “saving money”, make it something like, “have your first cup at home.” Perhaps set your coffee maker ready the night before so that when you wake up it will be to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. One up that by even setting aside your mug that you’re going to use, whether it be a travel mug to go or your favorite ceramic one. Don’t forget to make sure your sugar and creamer are set aside for quick grabbing too. It’s about the preparedness, so as not to be rushed.

For an even better resolution, take a jar or container and set it next to your coffee maker. Every time you make your morning coffee instead of going out, take the money you would have spent on the coffee out and stick it in the jar. At the end of the year, maybe put it towards something nice for yourself. Maybe a new coffee maker?

4. Try Things Coffee Infused

If you haven’t already, try different things that have coffee in it such as baked goods, chocolate, body items like soap, body scrubs, and anything else you can find. We have a few lists of recipes to try making some yourself. You can make a night of it and invite some close friends over. It’s not just about trying these things; it’s about the experience of making it yourself that is really rewarding.  

5. Make Coffee Social

When we go out for coffee, we tend to nowadays be by ourselves or be in a rush to the next thing we have to get to, or perhaps spend too much screen time. Whether it be coffee at home or at your favorite local shop, make it a social occasion and reconnect with other people. Invite a few friends or maybe try striking a conversation with someone in the coffee lineup. Even if you get shot down, you tried making a connection. Coffee isn’t about being in a rush (depending on what country you’re talking about), it’s about the experience of brewing, tasting, and enjoying each other’s company.  

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