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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re positive you’re looking for the perfect gift for the love of your life. Roses, chocolates, balloons, and stuffed animals may make for classic gifts, but sometimes they’re a little too cliché (and at this time of the year they’re expensive!). If your sweetheart loves coffee (maybe as much as you do), why not honour both this Valentine’s Day?  Here is a list of coffee-inspired gifts we know you and your love will both enjoy.

1. Personalization

Does the avid coffee lover in your life like personalized gifts? If so, you can give them a wide variety of mugs, t-shirts, Valentine’s Day cards, magnets, key chains…basically anything you can think of, and personalize it with coffee-related quotes or jokes, or whatever you’d like.

2. Coffee Beans Instead of Rose Petals

Some people decorate the house with rose petals to be romantic. Why not use coffee beans instead, or maybe as well? Not only is it romantic, it will also be aromatic! Think of it as just a small, sweet gesture for the coffee lover in your life. Make a heart of coffee beans on the bed, or leave a trail of coffee beans leading to a freshly brewed cup in the kitchen with a heartfelt and handwritten note; just don’t forget the vacuum on standby to clean up the mess!

3. Coffee Basket

Here is the big romantic basket for the coffee lover. Get a giant basket and fill it with everything coffee. From a new mug, to coffee, to coffee-infused chocolate, to coffee products for the body, to a novelty item that has to do with coffee, perhaps a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, and some of their favorite hot chocolate to make a homemade mocha. Top it off with a coffee-themed Valentine’s Day card!

4. Homemade Recipe Book

Find a coffee-themed notebook. Inside, write down (perhaps in different colors) a bunch of coffee recipes to try at home. You can put tabs for different types of recipes, such as hot, cold, alcoholic, body products, baked goods, etc. Have little pictures, either self-drawn doodles or perhaps photos taped inside of a memory drinking coffee. Personalize it to suit who you are giving it to.

If you don’t use a coffee-themed notebook, maybe you’ve found a cool photo album they might like, and you can write the recipes on some note paper they really like. The whole point is to make it crafty, personalized, and full of coffee and experiences.

5. A Simple Date

A gift doesn’t have to be an extravagant thing like diamonds. A simple coffee date may be all you need this year. Find a new coffee spot, say a new mom and pop shop that just opened out in a remote spot. Try a new coffee you’ve never had before. Just enjoy each other’s company while sipping a hot cup of Joe. Share a baked good, perhaps. Maybe you each try a different coffee drink, then let each other have a sip of the others’ cup.

Coffee isn’t just about the beverage. It’s about what the beverage brings, and on this special day, it brings people together to enjoy their company. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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