5 Crafty Coffee Gift Ideas that Cost Under $25

November 27, 2018
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Do you have some coffee lovers on your holiday shopping list this year? If so, you’re in luck! We have 5 ideas that cost under $25—perhaps they’ll inspire you!

(Note: the dollar store can be a big go-to for certain items that we’ve listed here.)

1. Mason Jar Mocha

If you don’t have any leftover canning jars, the dollar store has jars with the chalkboard labels already presented on them.

Find out everyone’s favorite flavor, such as peppermint (candy cane), salted caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, etc. There are stores that sell individual packets of flavored hot chocolate, so you can get everyone’s flavor.

Pick your favorite coffee and grind the beans. Then add the fresh grounds to the bottom of the jar, filling it to about 3/4. Put the hot chocolate packet on top of the coffee (still sealed, not an open packet!) and then seal the jar. Write on the chalkboard label what flavor the mocha is, i.e. “Peppermint Mocha.” You can tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar near the lid and stick a bow on the top of the lid.

2. Chocolate Lovers Basket

Are there any baskets lying around the house? No? The dollar store should have some small ones that may be perfect. You can use newspaper or something unique to line the basket. There are a few delicious flavored coffees this time of year, including some chocolaty ones.

This basket can be done several ways. Here are two:

  1. Pick a coffee to put in the basket and pick a coffee mug to go with it. Buy one or two individual packets of hot chocolate, stick them in the mug, and then stick those all into the basket. Place their favorite chocolate bar in between the coffee and the mug.
  2. Pick a coffee to put in the basket. Pick a can of hot chocolate to pair with the coffee. There are some novelty ones, either flavors, colors, or just with a picture on the can. Place their favorite chocolate bar in between the coffee and hot chocolate in the basket.

3. Decorative Mug

If you are the artistic type, you can find a decently sized and inexpensive mug and decorate it. Try using paint, stickers, and photos (there are instructions online of how to do this).

4. Homemade Coffee Cup Sleeve

If you have any old shirts, pajama pants, or pillow cases that are made from a thick fabric, these can make perfect mug sleeves. The dollar store or a thrift store will have something if you don’t have anything lying around. Find a standard sized mug and measure the width around it with the fabric. You want the sleeve to be snug so it won’t fall off, but you want to be able to put it on and take it off easily.

Cut the fabric to size. If it is a thinner fabric, you are going to want to double it to make it thicker so that you aren’t burning your hands on the hot cup of coffee.

Find a medium or large sized button so that you can easily attach your sleeve to any mug. To make your sleeve, you can use a sewing machine, or you can hand sew, or you can say, “Grandma, can you help me with something?”

5. A Simple Bag of Fresh Coffee Beans

Take your selected bag of coffee (ground or whole beans, depending on if they have a grinder) and simply decorate the bag with bows, ribbons, or any type of wrapping paper perhaps. Perhaps the coffee lover in your life would like to try one or more of these bags of coffee?

A List of 12 Store Bought Gifts for Under $25

If you’re pressed for time and don’t want to think too hard about your holiday shopping this year, try buying the coffee lovers in your life one of these twelve ideas:

  1. Coffee: Less than $25
  2. Mug for Home: Less than $15
  3. Travel Mug: Up to $25
  4. Reusable Coffee Sleeve: Less than $15 (if you can’t make one yourself)
  5. Cold Brew Infusion Bottle: $18.99
  6. Single Cup French Press: $15.99
  7. Milk Frother: $19.95
  8. Novelty Coffee Spoon: $10
  9. Coffee Art: $25
  10. “But First, Coffee” Shirt: $19.95
  11. Coffee Recipe Book: $14.99
  12. A Cup at their Favorite Local Café: Up to $25

Good luck with ticking everyone off of your holiday shopping list!

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