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Have you ever wanted to grind coffee at home, but you don’t own a coffee grinder? Maybe you ordered a bag of ground coffee or picked up a bag at the grocery store, only to discover when you get home that you have ended up with whole coffee beans instead (hey, it happens!).

If this happens to you again or you don’t happen to own a coffee grinder but need to right away, don’t worry! Here are three ways you can grind your coffee without one.

Mortar and Pestle

If you happen to have one of these in your kitchen, you can use a bit of elbow grease to grind your beans with it.

Fill the mortar about ¼ full with coffee beans. Use your non-dominant hand to hold onto the mortar, while holding the pestle with your dominant hand. Twist and press down the pestle forcibly in the mortar to crush the coffee beans. Use the pestle to roll the coffee around the bowl after crushing to see what consistency and texture you want to have. Repeat if you wish to grind more.


Pour a small amount of beans into your blender and secure the lid. If your blender has a “grinder” setting, select it; if not, then a higher speed. Using a “pulse” technique, grind the beans to your desired consistency. While grinding, tilt the blender from side to side slightly; this ensures your coffee gets evenly ground up by causing the larger portions of the beans to move into the path of the blade. Empty the blender and repeat until you have your desired amount of ground coffee.

Rolling Pin

This is a handy tool not just for baking and rolling out dough, but also for grinding! If you don’t own a rolling pin either, you can use a durable cylindrical object like a wine bottle or a can of food. For proper grinding, you will also need a large cutting board or enough counter space and a plastic Ziploc bag or a piece of parchment paper.

Place a measured amount of coffee beans into your plastic bag or between two sheets of parchment paper; if you’re using the paper, fold the edges over to seal them (so you don’t make a mess and scatter the grounds by accident!). Lay the bag or papers flat on the counter. Use the rolling pin like a hammer and press down to crush the coffee beans. Once your beans are crushed, roll the pin over them while pressing down hard enough to crush the fragments. Keep rolling the pin over the grounds until you reach your desired consistency.

We hope this helps your dilemma if you need ground coffee in a hurry! An easy way is to know exactly what you’re ordering in terms of bags of coffee. That way you won’t make the same mistake twice!

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