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Valentine’s Day is around the corner! However you choose to celebrate it, if you love coffee as much as your sweetheart and friends do, you can’t go wrong with honoring it this time of the year. Here are 3 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with coffee, whether it’s with your sweetheart, by yourself, with your friends, and even with singles!

1. Lovers’ Coffee Picnic

Keep in mind this is going a tad overboard, but if you and your significant other are that much into coffee, then this is perfect for you two. Depending on the weather, you can make a cold or hot coffee.

Say it’s cold outside, and too rainy for an outdoor picnic. Set up a warm blanket on the floor of the living room by the functioning or non-functioning fireplace. Make a nice warm cup of homemade mocha, rich and creamy, served in your favorite mugs. Have some baked goods infused with coffee for dessert and perhaps make some coffee-infused ribs for the main course. Don’t forget to have a warm foot soak in some coffee-infused bath salts after your meal, perhaps while eating dessert.

2. Single’s Awareness Day (S.A.D.)

For the single people who love coffee, here are a few ideas for this time of the year. You can get a few single people together and make a day of it! Either make it a stay indoors day and create coffee concoctions together, or go out to your favorite coffee shop and laugh so loud you make the couples uncomfortable. You don’t have to make this day about strictly romantic love; just about the love of coffee and enjoying good company.

3. The Group Date

Do you know a few couples who aren’t really doing anything for Valentine’s Day and you all love coffee? How about getting a bunch of you together at someone’s place to create coffee things together? Each couple gets a recipe or two to work on, and then you all share your creations. Whether it be something for the body, a baked good or a homemade coffee recipe, it doesn’t have to be super romantic, but rather an experience you all share, the love of each other and the love of coffee.  

However you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a loving relationship or you’re loving yourself while single, you can’t go wrong with infusing coffee into your day! Have fun!

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